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The Tempests book project - May 2018 update

1960s beach music Carolina northern soul rhythm and blues soul

Some have been asking where this is at, so thought a brief update is in order. Currently I'm about 25,000 words into the Tempests book venture, covering early days of the band, including the Atlantic and Smash recordings through to the present. The purpose of the project is also presenting the story of individual band members' careers after the Smash line-up disbanded; the story of how the northern soul scene picked up on the Tempests' recordings in the 1980s, and latter day formal recognition for the Tempests (and now posthumously for Hazel Martin later this year) at the CBMAs. Got a hold of most band members now who are still around, at least from around 1964/5 onwards. Also currently pulling together the producer-promoter Ted Bodnar story with the help of his widow as its very relevant to the peak period of the Tempests' success with Smash. Lots more work to do, planned publication about 12 months time, but for now many thanks to the following band members, friends, industry players and northern soul scene pals on both sides of the Atlantic for their input to the project so far. If I need to connect with anyone else, or inadvertently missed anyone off the list please shout up! Thanks then to: Nelson Lemmond, Van and Joy Coble, Nat Speir, John Roger Branch, Ken Carpenter / Candy Carpenter, Vicki Bodnar, Teresa Ann Bodnar (for Ted Bodnar), Carlo Ditta – Producer in New Orleans (worked on Wily Deville, worked with Roger), Rachelle Gunter Hauss for Ken Baker Gerry Dionne (Tempests /Holidays 1968-1969), Ron Henderson Jr. (Living Colour), Gary Nestle (Choice of Colour, Living Colour, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs), Ron Henderson Sr. (Choice of Colour), Jackie Freeman Panos Randy Faulk (Carolina Shaggin’ Beach Music Group), Rosemary Paten (CSBM), Linda Gilliam (CSBM), Ellison Honeycutt , Joe Crayton Clinard Jr. , Danny Pierce, Ron Smith , Creed Smith, Caleb Schrum, David Butler, Ady Pountain, Hazel Martin Jr. and Crystal Martin-Nance, Jim “Buddy” Johnson , Peter D. Carpenter (President CAMMY Awards Inc., Carolina Beach Music Awards, Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame, Pinehurst, North Carolina), Steve Calfee, Toby Broom, Charles Harris (of The Appreciations), Guy Hennigan, Kris Holmes, Steve Guarnori , Jeff Ayers – Reflections - worked with Roger at the studio 1974. Karl White, Alan Kitchener, Martin Meyler, (Re Dutch Phillips discussion on Rare Soul Talk forum): Lluis Riera, Ian Clarke, Andy Dennison, David Pinches, Kenneth Aitchison. More updates to come!

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