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Vinyl Preview: Eddie Holman (Soul-Direction SD002).

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Vinyl Preview: Eddie Holman (Soul-Direction SD002).

E. Mark Windle  29 November 2020.   Just received some news via "Man from Soul" Alan Kitchener, regarding an exciting new vinyl release on his Soul-Direction imprint, planned for early 2021: Eddie Holman – “Ready Willing Able” B/W “Too Young for Love” (Soul-Direction SD002) "Until recently this unknown Virtue acetate was unearthed from the belongings of legendary Philly producer/musician/songwriter John Stiles, and recorded around the same time as "Stay Mine For Heaven Sake" at Virtue Studios in Philadelphia. Eddie's rendition of "Ready, Willing and Able" was something that was thought to have been written for another singer which was to...

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