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Freelance writing / biography service

The service

A freelance writing service is available for clients within the music industry including artists, record labels, magazines, social media, music promotion companies, studios and surrounding scenes.The main focus and area of expertise is within the soul music history arena but commissioned projects in related genres are also considered. The nature of work undertaken includes full book projects, biographies, articles, website / social media copy and column series writing. A range of options can be offered for book manuscript provision such as ghost-writing, co-authorship or independent work. Briefs are also taken to assist in the presentation of vinyl and CD releases, through providing historical research and written content for liner notes and other supportive materials.


About E. Mark Windle

During a twenty-five year career in the National Health Service, I was the sole or primary author of several clinical study papers published in peer-reviewed and internationally recognised medical journals. I have also had a lifelong passion for music, collecting rare soul vinyl records and original memorabilia from the industry. Research-based writing was therefore to prove a useful transferable skill when applied to my interest in soul music history. I am now immersed full-time in literary aspects of the music business through freelance writing and as owner of the independent specialist bookstore A Nickel And A Nail. Links have been forged with key individuals within the music industry and soul scenes in the UK, Europe and USA. I also have access to a wide range of related historical data and memorabilia, including that which is not in the public domain.

My portfolio includes books, blogs, articles for third party websites and music industry magazines, a range of collaborative projects with record labels and artists and music history research. A detailed portfolio listing individual projects with background and links can be accessed at   If you would like to know how I can help with your potential project or business requirements, or to discuss timescales and rates, please get in touch via the “Contact Us” page.