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Mojo Talkin'. Under the Influence of Mod by Tony Beesley

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June 2017 sees the arrival of the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Tony Beesley's critically acclaimed book "Sawdust Caesars: Original Mod Voices".

"Mojo Talkin' - Under the Influence of Mod" is a 514 page hardback volume, packed with rare and exclusive photos and words of Mod influence across the decades. This volume studies the impact upon both individuals - from the sixties period through to the '79 revival and beyond - and the media associated with the culture. The development of music across the decades sits alongside the evolving look and style (original skinheads are also chronicled as is the influence on early punk). In-depth photo-packed chapters also chronicle the Mod girls. Mod on Screen section studies the many areas that the phenomenon was covered in film and TV; the integral presence of the DJ (be it a playlist of soul,  R&B, ska, modern jazz and freakbeat); the Literature of "Absolute Beginners"; Mod Art; the 80's soul revival; contemporary Mod youths and record collecting ... all are a crucial and compelling aspect of this exhaustive volume of study of the celebrated youth subculture. A few reader reviews:

Reader Gary De’Roux comments: “Everything in this book touched me on a personal level. Not only is this book a brilliantly written, it's also an important book.  It's important to me, as it defines all aspects of the Mod movement yet dares at times to defy its structure. Even if you don’t get Mod, there is always that feeling of ‘...more than meets the eye’ which in turn makes it so interesting a read, that you want to discover more. This attention to detail is at the heart of this book.  A superb classic in every way, that is for ‘Generation X’ and beyond.” 

“Th book shows the diversity and individualism across the generations. A perfect partner to Sawdust Caesars.” (Robin Bellamy).

Jose Carlos Monge Saponi (Spain): "So excited with the arrival at home of "Mojo Talkin'" by Tony Beesley. If you liked his previous "Sawdust Caesars" you'd better make sure you don´t miss this one. Will certainly take up a very special location on my shelf. Congratulations on such a good job Tony!" 

“I have finished reading the book [Mojo] and particularly enjoyed our local Bedford section. Your research was impeccable and you have added to our collective knowledge of the 60 's Mod Era. Your book will be a “go to" reference text for future generations and essential reading for Mods everywhere.” (Geoff Lovell).

“Mojo Talkin' is as insightful as it is entertaining. A wealth of anecdotes, photographs and recollections spanning the decades and the generations. It's an essential addition to the Mod library and the perfect companion to Sawdust Caesars. Bravo...!!” (Kev Harvey)

This book provides a new and refreshing insight into the history of Mod. With a core theme of Mod’s distinct influence and documenting a multitude of related areas, this is a captivating and compelling study of the most relevant and influential youth-led phenomenon since the dawn of popular culture.

This hardcover, new 480 page book is available at £24.99 in our new book section.

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