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The Rise and Fall of EMI Records - Brian Southall.


The Rise and Fall of EMI Records - Brian Southall.


Electric and Music Industries Ltd (EMI) first saw the light of day in the UK in 1931. In a visionary move for the gramophone age, it was a manufacturer of recording and playback equipment, records and tapes. For over half a century, EMI dominated these sectors, it's music division eventually becoming the most successful in the world with a roster that at various times included some of the globe's most famous artists. Then in the 1990s, things started to go wrong...

This book is the continuing saga of one of Britain's largest music companies as it faces an uncertain future under new ownership. Since 2009 EMI has broken new acts and sold millions of records but the massive debts incurred by its owners Terra Firma have finally taken it to the brink of a break-up. Music industry experts and executives, financiers and commentators plus artists' managers assess EMI's fortunes as the company celebrates its 80th birthday.

Brian Southall pulls this analysis together via interviews with many key players including former EMI Group/EMI Music executives, music managers and journalists, financial analysts and rival record company heads (paperback, 340 pages).

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