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Rhythm Message (e-book / PDF) - E. Mark Windle


Rhythm Message (e-book / PDF) - E. Mark Windle


Biographers of 1960s southern soul music traditionally concern themselves with the popular songs and singers associated with Stax, FAME and Atlantic. However there are a myriad of lesser known artists whose histories until now have not been fully documented. Some acts - white, black and integrated groups - were well received regionally but failed to break out at a national level. Others had talent but passed relatively unnoticed due to under-financed labels, poor promotion or uncredited work. Quality soul music also surfaced via custom recordings which by their nature featured very low pressing runs. These artists were an integral part of the creative fabric and local culture of the time. Many of their musical contributions have received rightful recognition on the rare soul scenes in the UK and Europe. In this follow up to It's Better To Cry, E. Mark Windle continues his search for artists, relatives, label owners and key players linked with these recordings. Their stories now provide a permanent document of an important facet of southern soul and R&B history, which may otherwise have been lost forever. Artists from the Carolinas, Virginia, Texas and Louisiana are discussed in this biographical collection, including: the Showmen, the Passions, Troy Marrs and the Dynamics, T.S.U. Toronadoes, Merle Spears, Lee Tillman, The Astors, Sam and Bill, the Elvitrue Passions, Bob Marshall and the Crystals, Bernard Smith and the Jokers Wild, Lost Soul and many more (e-book PDF format).

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