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It's Better To Cry - E. Mark Windle


It's Better To Cry - E. Mark Windle


1960s south east USA. A time characterised by racial tension and oppressive Jim Crow laws, but also of a political uprising leading to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and gradual desegregation. For white teenagers this brought easier access to race music and a new dimension in cool: the sound of soul and R&B. Even before the mid sixties, radio stations with wide broadcasting capabilities were promoting national acts to every corner of the Carolinas, Virginia and Georgia. Neighbourhood friends, high school students and college bands were inspired to create their own brand of soul to play in the beach pavilions, inland waterway dance clubs, sock hops, frat parties and campus venues. Bands discussed include Bob Meyer and the Rivieras, the Tempests, Anthony and the Aqualads, the Greater Experience, the Delacardos, Athens Rogues and many others. 

These blue-eyed and integrated beach bands, soul influenced garage bands and vocal groups have long been embraced by the northern soul scene of the UK and Europe. Their music provides a whole other sub-genre for rare soul enthusiasts to investigate. This book brings the era to life, exploring this vibrant music scene in the south east states through interviews, record label scans and previously unseen band photographs. It will serve as an invaluable reference source for northern soul collectors and beach music fans. The author seeks out to make the connection between the rarer end of northern soul and the 1960s beach / soul scene of the Carolinas, Virginia and neighbouring states with this collection of biographies (Paperback, new. B&W images).

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