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Chicago Soul - Robert Pruter


Chicago Soul - Robert Pruter


Chicago Soul chronicles the emergence of Chicago soul music out of the city's thriving R&B industry from the late 1950s through the late 1970s. The performers, A&R men, producers, distributors, deejays, studios, and labels that made it all happen take centre stage in this first book to document the stunning rise and success of the Windy City as a soul music recording centre. Covers Veejay, Okeh, Chess, One-der-ful and many more labels synonymous with the Chicago soul industry.

"An important addition to the legacy of black popular music and a must read for anyone remotely interested in the history of the music business in Chicago."--Chicago Tribune

"It already seems the book of record on the subject."--Variety

"An amazing piece of work that reveals just how vital a soul scene there was in the Windy City."--Jazztimes

"Meticulously detailed."--Village Voice

Robert Pruter is the R&B editor for Goldmine.

(Paperback 1st Edition, new).

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