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I Searched for Soul and Found the Stars - Richard Gilbert.


I Searched for Soul and Found the Stars - Richard Gilbert.

Richard "Gilly" Gilbert was one of the first of a handful of serious fans and collectors from the UK northern soul scene to travel to Detroit in search of 1960s soul vinyl and the discover the artists associated with them. In this book, the author presents a collection of stories about his US trips and, importantly, the relationships and long-term friendships he formed with the recording stars and music industry leaders like Popcorn Wylie, Dave Hamilton, the family of Ollie McLaughlin, and others. In Gilly's words: "Few people in life can get to meet their heroes and spend quality time with those people who, through their music, helped form our lives." Illustrated with colour photos of the artists, producers, the studios, label scans and historical memorabilia, this book will be pure enlightenment for anyone who assumed northern soul was finished with in the 1980s. Furthermore, it demonstrates how a youth subculture truly connected with its idols, and contributed in its own way to the preservation of wider soul music history (hardback, gloss colour illustrations, 147 pages).

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