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208 Fabulous Records. My Soulful Life - Adrian Corbin.


208 Fabulous Records. My Soulful Life - Adrian Corbin.


A collection of stories about the soulful life lived by the author Adrian Corbin, set to the soundtrack of some of his favourite records. This book charts his journey from collecting pop records with his sister, to discovering soul music as a teenager, through to becoming a radio presenter, DJ and soul night promoter.

"A fascinating look at a great period in music, through the eyes and ears of one inspired enthusiast" Ady Croasdell, 6Ts Rhythm 'n' Soul Society / Kent Records.

"An incredibly evocative journey through life illustrated by music, from mod to soul, with everything else in between. Essential!" Eddie Pillar, Acid Jazz Records

"An enjoyable reflection of a colourful character's years in soul music." David Cole, In the Basement Magazine.

(228 pages large format, gloss colour illustrated softback book).


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